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  • Book Me for Photographers is Closing

    Book Me for Photographers is officially closing its doors. I appreciate and enjoyed the tool they created to help photographers manage their photography business.But when you're going up against some heavy hitters like Tave and...
  • Wedding DIY’s You Should & Shouldn’t Do

    If you're in the process of planning your wedding, you may be looking for ways to save money. Believe it or not, DIY's can have a big impact on your wedding.
  • How to Quickly Do Wedding Party Photos Don't get tipsy before the photos. If your bridesmaids/groomsmen or too tipsy (from the limo ride or maybe they had one-to-many sips of the campaign in the dressing room) before it's time for your photos to...
  • How to Not Shop for a Photographer

    This is the worst photo editing job I've seen done in Photoshop or any photo editing software. And the Facebook post states this was done by a professional photographer. Really! Before I go any further, I...
  • We Redesigned Our Website

    If it's been awhile since you visited our website or this is your first time, you'll be pleased to know that we completely redesigned PhotoVid Gallery. We're not talking about changing a few images and...

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Wedding Gallery at PhotoVid Gallery