Often times you don’t know what to expect when a client invites you into their home for a photo session, not to mention a session for maternity pictures in black and white for a family looking to introduce their youngest child to the world.

I’d like to say congratulations to Jennifer & James. My God continues to bless your family today, tomorrow, and the many years to come.

So, what can you do when you’re client would like to have their photo session at their home?

Never substitute quality, creative design, and customer service of professional maternity pictures in black and white with a cell phone.

Being flexible…Being creative…

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived at their home. Sometimes you have a large family with little space. Other times you may have a small family with lots of space.

For the Hopkins maternity pictures, I have lots of space and a small family and we had lots of fun taking pictures.

The creative part was turning a very well-lit living space with plenty of windows into a dark room. You’ll never guess what we did in a million years since Jennifer & James wanted a solid black background.

Here’s how we darkened the room!

  • First, I hung the black backdrop on the fireplace using the candles on the ledge to hang the backdrop on the edge.
  • Second, we darken the room as much as possible by closing all the blinds and turned down the lights.
  • Third, I set the constant lamps on the left and right sides of the family with very little light on the backdrop.
  • I used a softbox on my flash to soften the direct light.
  • In postprocessing, I darkened the background completely using On1’s photo editing software.

You never want to substitute quality, creative design, and customer service for your maternity pictures with an android or iPhone and neither did Jennifer & James.

Maternity Pictures in Black and White

Sure, there are times when your mobile phone pictures are perfect and easy to share on social media.

But when you’re looking to capture those unforgettable moments that you want to share for many years to come, such as your maternity pictures in black and white, please do not depend on your cousin’s iPhone for professional pictures.

But don’t take my word, watch the video created for the Hopkin’s with the maternity pictures in black and white from a family that any photographer would love to shoot.

We ended the maternity session with the girls playing daddy and giving him lots of love.

If you would like to have your maternity pictures in black and white with Durwin at PhotoVid Gallery, click here and give me a call or send me a message so we can talk.

‘Til the next episode,

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