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We have some great news. We’ve partnered with two of our favorite professional printing labs to bring you “Quality” printing without the “Quality” price.

Here’s How It Works

  • Log into our online private gallery.
  • Select the image you want to print.
  • Chose the size print you want.
  • Select the number of prints you would like printed.
  • Choose your paper style along with anything else you want add the prints to your shopping cart.
  • That’s it!

We’ll check your order to make sure all images you’ve cropped look good and place your order with our lab.

Quality professional printing with our prints labs through PhotoVid Gallery.

Will it take a long time to get your prints?

That depends upon several factors.

  1. The type of prints you’ve ordered. (E.g. Photographic Prints, Album/Books, Canvas, etc.)
  2. Did you make any special requests or designs?
  3. The shipping destination and the type of shipping you selected.
  4. Did you place an order in the middle of a holiday season?
  5. And maybe 1 or 2 other factors we didn’t mention.

Nevertheless, most orders for standard prints we’ve seen ship within 1 – 2 days from the time we place the order.

For enlarged prints, albums/books, gifts and more. The time period could be different.

So what’s the big deal about a professional printing lab?

Good questions. We could get really technical and talk about the ink, paper type and everything else, but let’s keep it short, sweet & simple.

Quality professional printing with our prints labs through PhotoVid Gallery.


Most people like and want Quality, but most people don’t like or want to pay the Quality Price.

Which is what we’ve done with our partners. We combine quality + low pricing together for a total of High Quality Prints at your Local Lab Prices.


Professional printing labs provide customer service you won’t get at your local lab.

Your local print lab may offer 1-hour printing, but what you don’t get is a live person who takes pride in making sure your prints look exceptional.


Since we’ve partnered with our two favorite professional printing labs, you now get high quality prints at your local lab prices.

In Summary

Before I end.

I came across an article Why You Should Only Print at a Professional Lab that gives a good explanation as to why it is best that you print with a professional printing lab.

If you had a photo session with PhotoVid Gallery, you received a free photographic print from one of our professional printing labs.

We give our clients a free print because we want you to compare the quality of your local lab with our professional printing lab.

‘Til the next episode, happy printing!

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