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When you’re trying to decide between headshot backgrounds, it can become a bit challenging. So, let’s go over a few typical options for backgrounds for personal branding that really enhance your headshot and are very easy to do.

Keep in mind, some of the background options are free, others will require a small investment and editing by your photographer to create the look you want, depending upon the look and feel you’re going after for your headshot.

1. Natural Background

The natural scenery has become our most common background. Whether it’s a profile image on LinkedIn or a personal image on Facebook. You’ll come across most natural background sceneries being outdoors are in the office as the norm nowadays.

The key point when having your headshots taken in a natural setting is to make sure your photographer doesn’t allow the background of your image to become the focal point. This can be accomplished by blurring the background enough so that a person’s focus is immediately brought to you and not the background.

A natural scenery is free and a great idea for headshot backgrounds that show off your business.

2. White Background

The white background is most common in the corporate world because it’s easy, looks good on the website and business cards and it works very well for males & females.

If you use a white background for your headshot, you can’t go wrong.

Here are a few advantages to having a white background.

  • White backgrounds can be created for your head-shot in just about any setting where you have white lighting.
  • Your photographer doesn’t need a lot of space and equipment. A 3′ x 3′ piece of white art paper taped on the wall of your office will work just fine.
  • White backgrounds are very quick. You can easily set up a session to be done at your office and get back to work within 30-minutes.
A natural scenery is free and a great idea for headshot backgrounds that show off your business.

3. Black Background

The black background is just as easy to create as a white background. The big difference between a white & black background is how you plan to use your images and the clothes you want to wear.

If you have a dark website are a dark business card, a black background is probably your best option.

A natural scenery is free and a great idea for headshot backgrounds that show off your business.

4. Grunge Background

These types of backgrounds can be a little difficult because you have to carefully match your skin tone with the color of your clothes, eyes, and background to get the right mix that makes your headshot pop.

I typically encourage clients to first try the natural scenery background, then white or background in this order for a more professional look.

But if you get the right mix of colors, you’re headshot can look really good on a grunge background.

A natural scenery is free and a great idea for headshot backgrounds that show off your business.

5. Brick Wall Headshot Backgrounds

Last but not least is the brick wall. Again, I haven’t done a headshot session where the client wanted a brick wall as the background. However, the headshots I’ve seen online look well with a brick background for the right person.

My suggestions would be to have a friend or co-worker take a few pictures of you standing in front of a brick wall with your camera phone to get an idea of what your headshot wild look like with a brick wall background. If you like it, I say go for it. If not, stick with the natural, white, black or grunge background.

Brick headshot backgrounds can be universal for just about any professional headshot needed.

In Conclusion

We talked about a couple of different headshot backgrounds (natural, black, white, grudge & brick wall).

The natural scenery is the most popular because you’ll able to get the headshots you want in your natural work environment. This could be indoors or outdoors.

The next popular is a white or black background. These are great for online profiles such as LinkedIn, Facebook & Google My Business.

The last two I suggest is a grudge or brick background. These are a bit more difficult to color coordinate without the help of a professional photographer. But if you don’t like the natural scenery & the white or black is to plan, you can spice up your background with either a grudge or brick wall.

Also, I did a quick search for headshot backgrounds on Google & headshot backgrounds on Bing to give you an idea of the different types of backgrounds you might consider for your next professional headshot backgrounds. If you have Pinterest, you can search for “headshot backgrounds” as well.

Well, I’m outta here until the next episode. If you have any questions, leave a comment to send us a message.

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