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Our Story

I’m a local wedding, personal branding & portrait photographer & videographer in Houston, Texas.

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An Incredible Photo & Video Experience

Every photo & video of your daily life is a story with purpose, health, harmony, and spiritual growth.

It provides a snapshot of your mortal & immortal existence.

Who Am I?

  • I am the father of four children ( 3 girls and 1 boy ).

  • I have six grandchildren ( 3 girls and 3 boys ).

  • I have 1 biological sister & brother along with 7 sisters & 3 brothers.

  • However, if we look at my family as a whole ( church, sports, social, etc.) I have at least 11+ children and we’re not going to count my brothers & sisters because we’ll be here for awhile.

Why Did I Become A Photographer?

Let’s see. I purchased my first DSLR in 2005 to take family photos. In 2010 I begin my learning curve as a professional photographer. In 2011 I created my first photo video for my mother who passed away. In 2013 I bumped into several married couples that didn’t like their wedding pictures. In 2014 I photographed my first wedding and in 2017 I recorded my first wedding.

Our Team

Freelance photographer and videographer.

Freelance Photographer & Vidoegrapher

What Am I Doing With My Developed Skills?

I have fun photographing & recording those special moments

1. for Couples getting married.
2. for Entrepreneurs who want to share their personal brand.
3. for Family & Maternity portraits to name a few.
4. for High School & College graduates.

Now that I’ve explained our “Why & How.” I’d to to tell you a tab bit about our style.

What is our style?

We have a journalistic style that captures those candid, casual and posed moments in natural lighting.

Now you know Why, How, Who & Style behind PhotoVid Gallery.

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Phone: 832-365-1300