My Story

Hi, I'm Durwin

I’m the guy who bought one of those expensive Nikon cameras and put it on “automatic” to take family pictures.

However, I noticed after a couple of years I had an issue taking pictures indoors in low lighting.

So, I figured I needed to learn how to use the manual settings since I paid for it.

Fast forward several years…

Photo Video / Photography / Videography

1) I first developed my photography skills and combined it with my first photo video when my mother passed away. 

2) A few years later I began to develop my video recording and editing skills so I could blend the three together.

3) No Today, I’m a wedding, personal branding & portrait photographer & videographer in Houston, Texas.

4) I use the skills I’ve developed to capture, create and tell your story that only pictures can tell.

Now that you know who I am and what I do, the question is do you like my work?

If your answer is yes!

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My Story