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Merry Christmas from the Teng Family at League City Park

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I was talking to Pheap at church when he mentioned that he and the kids, the Teng Family, wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas but he couldn’t think of a special way to do it.

I said, what about doing a Teng Family Christmas Portrait Session at League City Park.

So, after church, I meet Pheap and the kids at League City park to take some pictures and have some fun with the kids for a couple of hours. Besides, I weather was nice and the sunlight was just right.

Christmas Family Photos at League City Park from the Teng family.

Merry Christmas from the Teng Family

When we entered the park I kicked it off with a few shots to get everyone relaxed, and having fun.

As you can see, once they started running, and playing, it didn’t take long to get the kids to create their own poses.

Christmas Family Photos at League City Park from the Teng family.

Family Portraits Tips for Christmas

If you’re looking for a great location to take some family pictures around the holidays, League City park on highway 518 is great for family pictures just about any time of the year.

They have several historic locations to take some excellent family pictures at any time of the year.

If you want to have some fun around the Christmas holiday season, I would think about setting some time aside for the family to take pictures at League City park. And the best part is, you don’t need to pay a photographer, you can use your camera phone.

On the other hand, if would rather have a family portraits photographer take your pictures and let the family have fun, I can definitely help you out.

Christmas Family Photos at League City Park from the Teng family.

How did we come about this pose?

I have no idea!

I don’t remember what was said. I don’t remember what happened that caused the Teng family to come up with this pose.

But it was one of my favorites.

Christmas Family Photos at League City Park from the Teng family.

Watch a Video from the Teng Family!

I took a few of my favorite posed and created a photo video.

Happy Holidays

Here’s another spot the kids found and wanted to take some pictures. The spot was on the other end of the park just before we ended the session and the kids wanted to say Happy Holidays!

After all is said and done!

The holiday season, which is Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas for the Teng family was the perfect spot time for costume family portraits.

But where do you go when it’s not the holiday season?

There are plenty of local spots to take family portraits between Clear Lake, Galveston, and Houston, TX.

You can find a list of locations in League City on the website.

Here’s a link to Google Maps that will give a list of locations and directions.

Unfortunately, I don’t always have my DSLR camera with me. However, like most people, I very seldom leave home without my smartphone.

So this season or anytime throughout the year, enroll in my free email course and pick up a few Tips To Take Better Smartphone Pictures for those everyday moments you don’t want to miss.

As I mentioned earlier, if you don’t like the idea of taking the family portraits yourself, you can contact me instead.

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‘Til the next episode,
Have fun taking pictures!

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