If You’re Thinking About Having A Barn Wedding, Read This First!

If you're thinking about having a barn wedding, here's an article you'll want to read before you get started with your wedding plans.
If you’re planning on having a barn wedding, be sure you think ahead a little further than floral accents and farm-to-table fare. You might want to consider hay allergies, extra generators, and just about anything else you would/might encounter while on the farm. Despite the fact that barn weddings can be breathtaking photos, and the perfect wedding venue location for the right bride/groom. Planning the perfect barn wedding can be difficult for even the best wedding planners. So let’s checkout a few details you’ll need to cover when planning a barn weddings.
If You're Thinking About Have A Barn Wedding.

Be Sure You Set Aside A Budget For Barn Extras

You’ll most likely be responsible for the tables, chairs, dishes, and any other extras. Normally this applies to any venue that isn’t full service, but particularly barn wedding.

Be Sure And Make Plans for Bugs

A night wedding with fireflies and chirping crickets can be very romantic for a barn wedding. But a night wedding with fireflies, chirping crickets, and bug-bites can spoil a barn wedding for sure. So stock up on citronella candles and have them set up around the perimeter of the barn wedding venue.

A barn at Armand Bayou Nature Center in Houston, Texas. Great for a Barn Wedding.

If You're Thinking About Having A Barn Wedding.

Be Sure and Waterproof Your Guest

Parasols and paper fans can be more than just decoration in the summer time, because during summertime, barn weddings are notorious for holding heat. Therefore, you want to have plenty of options for circulating air throughout the barn, whether it be paper fans or industrial fans.

Allergies are Going To Flair Up at Barn Weddings

Animals and hay are just about impossible to avoid for barn weddings, but it creates the perfect setting for someone with allergies to have a full-blown allergy attack during your wedding. In the event that animals are around, do what you can to keep the animals in their area. I also read that offering Benadryl in the bathroom or in a first-aid basket wouldn’t hurt either.

Be Sure and Pretty Up the Powder Room

Unless your barn wedding is a full-service venue, you’ll need to tidy up the bathrooms a bit and make sure it’s comfortable and up to sanitary standards. Most likely you need to rent an outdoor restroom and decorate it so that it completely blends in with your barn wedding. And don’t forget the air fresheners, it’s a must for each restroom. ‘Til the next episode, congratulation on your Barn Wedding.


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