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Educated Clients Appreciate The Value Of Professional Photography

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If you’re having an issue with clients not seeing the value of having a professional photographer, the issue is most likely not the client but the photographer because educated clients appreciate the value of a professional photographer.

And let me be the first to admit that I am guilty of not doing a very good job of educating clients, and have not been for several years.

I received an email a few days ago and the first two paragraphs caught my attention with two words, educated clients.

As I kept reading, it became clear that I must do a better job of educating my clients on the value of having a professional photographer for their wedding, family portraits, and senior portraits.

Learn why educated clients see the value of a professional photographer as important as high-quality images. Here's a mini-book that will help.

Educated Clients won’t Use this Excuse: I Can’t Afford Professional Photographer

In the very first paragraph, Jamie makes an invaluable point as to why educated clients look for value, whereas uneducated clients make excuses (I can’t afford professional photography).

Most likely when a client says “I can’t afford a professional photographer” and they have the latest $1,100 iPhone or iPad on the market, they’re probably lying.

Therefore, the problem isn’t that the client cannot afford your service, but a lack of education.

Educated clients see the quality & service value and don’t mind paying the price you’re asking.

Unfortunately, an uneducated client is just the opposite and uses the #1 excuse (I can’t afford professional photography) because they cannot are refuse to see the value of paying the price you’re asking as a professional.

Give Clients a Reason to Be Excited!

If you’re not giving the client a reason to be excited about having you as their professional photographer, they won’t become excited via their own efforts.

When educated clients get excited, here’s what happens.

  • They want you as their professional photographer, that’s it.
  • Purchasing decisions are almost always emotional.
  • They will find a way to afford it, if you can got them excited about your offer.

But let’s be honest with ourselves. We’ve all justified purchasing something today, yesterday, last week are a few weeks ago that you didn’t need because we were emotional.

Let’s Think About This For a Minute!

How many times have you gone to the grocery store, Home Depot, the retail store without a list and came out with more than what you intended to purchase? I do it every time when I don’t have a list, and sometimes when I have a list.

Educated clients do the same way when it comes to having their pictures taken by a professional photographer.

Learn why educated clients see the value of a professional photographer as important as high-quality images. Here's a mini-book that will help.


What are You Offering that is Worth Paying For?

This is another important tip that Jamie mentioned and caught my attention.

If you can’t see and define the value of your photography business, neither will your client

Today’s educated clients are not going to do business with you unless we give them a reason too.


Because smartphone cameras have advanced, and the average person can learn how to take better smartphone pictures with a little bit of practice.

Understandable, the print quality from a smartphone camera won’t be A++, but that’s far from being a D-.

So, if you’re looking to print enlarged wall decor, canvas designs, albums, books, and fine art, the newest iPhone won’t get the job done.

What’s My Job as a Professional Photographer?

Our responsibility as professional photographers is to educate potential clients so they are excited about having their pictures taken by a professional.

Not to go into details on what adjustments to make, how, and when. I’ll give you the link so you can download the free book Jamie has online so you can read it for yourself.

Be careful, if you’re honest with yourself, Jamie makes some very good points when it comes to educating clients that will find you guilty as charged.

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