Book Me for Photographers is Closing

Book Me for Photographers is officially closing its doors. I appreciate and enjoyed the tool they created to help photographers manage their photography business.But when you’re going up against some heavy hitters like Tave and Studio Ninja and a few others I’m not going to mention, I can imagine how financially difficult it was trying to break into an industry with such competition.

If you have an account, you can click here to login. When you log in, you’ll see the official letter from Tiago, which is below for your convenience. If you need assistance when you log in to download your data, visit the help center for assistance.

My favorite online studio managment service.
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Life-changing CRM software. Designed for photographers by photographers.
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Here's the official message you've received if you have a current account.

Again, don't forget to download your data before BookMeforPhotographers completely shuts it doors for good.


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