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7 Steps to Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer

Choosing the right wedding photographer can be intimidating. This eCourse will help you navigate the hiccups of choosing the right photographer for your wedding.

7 Steps to Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer

Lessons for this eCourse

Free Wedding eCourse at PhotoVid Gallery

Defining Your Style

Before you even get to looking at lists and recommendations for photographers, you first need to define your vision.

Free Wedding eCourse at PhotoVid Gallery

Know Your Expectations

For example, if you’re having a large wedding you will likely want a second shooter to capture the behind-the-scenes.

Free Wedding eCourse at PhotoVid Gallery

Think About Your Keepsakes

Forget those dated slip-in albums with glossy photos. Most photographers will offer heirloom products.

Free Wedding eCourse at PhotoVid Gallery

Consider Value

Do you really need 1,500 photos or is having 300 high-quality images enough? Is 10 hours of coverage overkill or will 7 be enough to cover the day?

Materials Needed

1) You will need internet access via an electronic device (desktop/laptop, tablet, or mobile phone) to complete your course.

2) You will need a free Dropbox account. This enables both you and your spouse to keep track of everything you learn (pictures, notes, thoughts, and more) about each photographer in one location.

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How do you know if this photographer is going to be a good fit? Over the next two weeks, I’ll show you how to look under the surface and dig a little deeper to help you find the right photographer.

Ignore your photographer. Ok, maybe you shouldn’t completely ignore your photographer. But when you look at your wedding photos, you’ll want to remember how you felt that day, not how you were posed.

Relax! It’s normal to feel a little bit nervous or camera shy before the shoot but take a deep breath and let it go. Engagement sessions can be fun and your photos will be better if you relax and have fun.

Tip #1. Consider any extra time-consuming details that may occur at the beginning of the day. Are you exchanging letters with your soon to be spouse? Does your dress or tux take an army to get into?

Hire a Wedding Planner! Don’t consume yourself worrying about the details and making sure everyone is following the timeline. Let someone else keep you and them on track so you can relax and take in the day!

7 Steps to Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer

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