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5 Tips to Get Kids to Smile

You’ve just scheduled your family portrait session and you’re excited. Now you’re wondering should you tell everyone to get ready? What should you tell them? If you don’t tell the family, how are they going to get ready? This eCourse will answer these and several more questions to get kids to smile!

5 Tips to Get Kids to Smile

Lessons for this eCourse

Free eCourse - 5 Tips to Get Kids to Smile

Don't Ask Them to Smile!

Here's a question for you. Should you or Should you not talk to your children before the family portrait session about smiling? If yes, what should you talk about. If no, what should you not talk about?

Free eCourse - 5 Tips to Get Kids to Smile

Have Fun!

Have fun! Have a lot of fun! Have so much fun that you and the family will talk about your family portrait session for weeks if not months later. Learn how and why it's important.

Free eCourse - 5 Tips to Get Kids to Smile

Don't Set Expectations!

A family portrait session is suppose to fun for the whole family. However, there are a few things you can do before the session that will ruin it. However, there are a few things you should do. Learn um!

Free eCourse - 5 Tips to Get Kids to Smile

Role with the Punches!

My mother use to say, sometimes you have to "role with the punches." But how do you know when you should "role with the punches" during your family portrait session? Learn how to role...

Materials Needed

1) You will need internet access via an electronic device (desktop/laptop, tablet, or mobile phone) to complete your course.

2) You will need a free Dropbox account. This enables both you and your spouse to keep track of everything you learn (pictures, notes, thoughts, and more) about each photographer in one location.

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5 Tips to Get Kids to Smile

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5 Tips to Get Kids to Smile

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