5 Mistakes I Made That Cost Me Business

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The Success Of Your Business Has Nothing To Do With The Quality Of Your Images

I stopped in the middle of the introduction of an e-book by Jamie Swanson I was reading to share a few mistakes I made that cost me business.

The first words I read in uppercase bright bold yellow lettering were the first words I gave to you above.

Read Um Again!

When I read those words, I stopped reading and begin writing this blog post, because this is Mistake #6 of her e-Book.

And since that was Mistake #6, I needed to share what I was about to read.

So as I am reading I will be creating this blog post.

5 Mistakes I've Made that Cost Me Business.

5 Mistakes I made that actually drive clients away.

  1. Your Clients Are Clueless
  2. Your Clients Are Confused & Overwhelmed
  3. Your Customer Service Is Horrible
  4. You Are Trying To Be Everything To Everybody
  5. You Aren’t Giving Your Clients What They Want

Jamie starts off telling a story of a wedding gig she lost because another photographer was offering the same package for $400 less, and Jamie refused to negotiate her price.

Then she asked the following questions: Are you telling clients why they should go with you and not someone else?.

The clients you want will pay the extra for premium quality/service “if” they know what they’re getting.

Benefits vs Features from the 5 Mistakes I Made that Cost Me Business.

Benefits vs Features

Educate your clients on the benefits of having pictures taken by a professional photographer that offers professional printing via print lab.

If the client only has price to compare photographers, then you’ll lose every time.

But when you educate the client, and the memories are important to the client, they will see the value in going with you as a professional.

Keep it Simple and avoid the 5 Mistakes I Made that Cost Me Business.

Keep Everything Short & Simple

Collect all the information you need at once is a major mistake I made.

Schedule multiple meetings instead of contacting the client to schedule follow-up meetings.

Take care of as much detail in one meeting to help avoid back & forth conversation.

Is Your Website Hard To Navigate?

Make sure essential information is easy to find was a mistake I made. I soon learned that less is better.

For example: have someone navigate your website, but tell them what to find.

Stand behind them and watch, but “do not” tell them how-to find the information.

If they have a hard time finding the info, you just lost a client.

A Confused Client Will Not Buy

Keep your pricing and packaging SIMPLE! Let me just tell you what Jamie said.

When a client is faced with too many choices, people get overwhelmed and shut down. They simply can’t decide, so they don’t get anything at all. Read more from Jamie’s free e-book.

Is Your Customer Service On Point?

Make sure you do what you said you were going to do…when you said you’re going to do it…and how you said you would get it done…!

This is another mistake I made because I didn’t always get it done when I said I would have it done.

In an effort to keep this blog post short. You can get the Free e-Book here for yourself.

Customer Service is another topic of its own. But the book will help you avoid the mistakes I made.

Are you a Specialist are Generalist from the  5 Mistakes I Made that Cost Me Business.

The Generalist vs the Specialist

This will be the last topic I’m going to share. You can download the FREE e-book 5 Common Mistakes That Lose You Business and check out the rest for yourself.

But this is probably my biggest problem. I have multiple skills, so I try to use “ALL” of my skills. But since reading this e-book, I’ve broken down my categories to 3, which is probably still to many.

But it’s better than 7, so it’ll have to do for now.

But I’ve narrowed my choices down to “weddings, family, and graduation” photography. I choose wedding, family, and graduation because I’ve photographed twice, if not 3x or 4x, as many weddings when I combine family & graduation photography sessions together.

But I noticed that when I shoot a wedding, family pictures get mixed in. And when I shoot a graduation, family pictures get missed in. So check back in a day or two, my website will be broken down to wedding, family, and graduation photography “ONLY!”

‘Til the next episode, download the FREE e-book, then come back and leave me a post whether you liked/disliked the information Jamie Swanson shares.

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