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Happy New Year for 2018

Happy New Year! I'm not going to keep you very long, but I'd like to encourage you to strive for your goals in 2018. God has blessed you to see 2017 come to an end, but you also lived to see 2018 begin. Here's a video for you! Are you the greatest? If not,...

Daddy Daughter Dance 2017

I snapped a few pictures of my girls just before the Daddy Daughter Dance in Texas City. But just in case you've forgot, they grow up fast. It was just yesterday I was changing my son's diaper (that's the guy in the picture). Now today I'm taking pictures...

Graduation Paper Photo Designs Category

We're excited to present our Graduation Paper Photo Designs category for All graduates. Graduates are now able to create single sided Paper Photo Designs and customize them the way they want. Customize the color, text, size when you select between the...

Clear Lake Space Raiders 2016

Last Sunday I went out and snapped a few shots of the Clear Lake Raiders Superbowl game for 2016. It was nice game and I enjoyed myself. Actually, a couple of times I caught myself having a few flashbacks. Clear Lake Raiders 2016 Superbowl i. This first set of...

Graduation Announcement was Just Added

We just added a few additional Graduation Announcements Cards to our every growing catalog of photo designs for any occasion. You can view this designs GAaa01C and a few others at our Photo Designs store. If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact...

Swimming Competition in Sugarland

It's never a dull moment when you attend a Special Olympics Swimming Competition. The excitement is high, the competition is intense and some of the adults (notice I said some), have just as much fun as the kids do.

Quality Professional Prints at Low Prices

Have you ever wanted Quality Professional Prints polished to profession, but you skip the ideal of printing because of the Quality Professional Price? Well, check this out. We partnered with two of our favorite professional print labs that we absolutely...

2016 Special Olympics Games for Texas

Just in case you missed the 2016 Special Olympics game of Texas in Arlington, Texas, here go a few pictures for you to checkout. But if you really want to experience the energy, the fun and the excitement, I suggest you makes plans for attending the next...

PVG Event Photography Welcome’s You

We realize you've been waiting awhile, but you don't have to wait any longer because PVG Event Photography is here. Welcome to PVG Event Photography Now I'd like to introduce you and welcome you to PVG Event Photography, the Event Photography website of...

Breakfast with Santa at NASA Space Center

The Kids had Breakfast with Santa You should have been at The NASA Space Center this weekend because the kids gave the best demonstration I've seen in awhile of how-to have Breakfast with Santa at The NASA Space Center. What did you say? Don't forget I'm...

100 Facebook Like’s And Growing

We Finally Made It Thank you for your help and support in getting our Facebook fan page to 100 Facebook Like's. Without your support, we would not have made it. Our Next Goal Is 200 Like's Now it's time to double up to our next goal of 200 Facebook Like's,...

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Get 10% Off Your Wedding Photography

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